4 Sided Pillow Covers
Front to Back and Inside Out


Earth Cloud pillow covers offer 4 unique options to effortlessly create and re-create the perfect look in any room. Our one of a kind, covers are made from Kantha quilted fabric and may truly lift your spirit. Many believe that wishes and dreams have been hand stitched into these vintage textiles.

They are oversized, measuring 24"x24" and offer an abundance of serenity space, making the perfect addition for a sofa, bed, or meditation practice. Each pillow cover is an up-cycled work of art and will add a wonderful pop of color and texture to any room. 

Earth Cloud covers can be machine washed in a gentle cycle with cold water. Lay flat to dry. Due to the vintage nature of the fabric it may posses slightly worn components, patches or perfectly aged inconsistencies, all of which add to its unique ancient charm.


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