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Sweet Nectar

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This elegant deep plum mat has the most beautiful jewel toned design. Sweet nectar is the perfect name for this honey. 

Twisted Guru beach mats provide a sand-free serenity space for your practice and offer an emblem of Ancient India for inspiration.

The beach mats are oversized (5'x7') and ingeniously designed with underside corner pockets that get filled with sand. The sand will hold the mat down during vigorous vinyasa even on a windy day.

AARI embroidered designs vary from region to region. These Aari organic images are for your understanding of what to expect in regards to craftsmanship, style and color guidelines but actual designs may be slightly different.

All pieces are handcrafted. It is important to remember that the mats are made with vegetable dyed threads so they will continue to age and acquire a sun-washed look over time, only adding to their natural beauty and eco-friendly charm.

The mats come in a coordinating backpack for easy travel and storage. They are also equipped with a hidden lock pocket for personal items.

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