About the Mat

Twisted Guru offers three-(3) different types of handcrafted beach mats: Embroidered Tapestry, Reversible Quilted and Waxed Batik. All three styles have unique characteristics and different price ranges. Price is generally determined by the size, weight, quality of stitching and amount of time to create each piece. 

Embroidered Tapestry Mats:

The embroidery designs, traditionally called Aari embroidery, are crafted only by men. The creation of embroidery on fabric demands a great amount of precision and patience. At first the selected fabric is fixed on an wooden frame, usually made of bamboo. Craftsmen then trace the pattern on the fabric and then the embroidery work begins. An special "Aari" needle is used to weave the motifs on the fabric.The pattern is generally organized in a specific way to form symbols and create a message to honor the deities. The mats have been embroidered with vegetable dyed threads, in magnificent detail, creating a natural non-slip texture. Each mat is an unique work of art, embodying a mystical piece of ancient history. 

* These mats come in a coordinated backpack. They also have a personal locking system equipped with a water resistant bag. 

Reversible Quilted Mats:

Our beautiful quilted mats come from Jaipur and Bangladesh and are referred to as "Kantha" quilts. Kantha is perhaps the oldest form of Indian embroidery. 

Traditionally women would take several layers of old sarees, stitch them together with simple running stitches and used them as blankets. It is believed that the artisan sews blessings and dreams into the fabric with each stitch. 

Kantha mats are reversible and equally beautiful on both sides. The spontaneous color and pattern dazzle in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The mat is an up-cycled work of art and may possess worn components, patches or perfectly aged inconsistencies, all of which add to its unique ancient charm. 

* These mats come in a coordinated backpack. They also have a personal locking system that may be equipped with a water resistant bag.

Waxed Batik Mats:

Batik is a process of decorating cloth by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed areas keep their original color and when the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas gives the pattern. Our batik mats are made from natural tightly woven cotton and vegetable dyes.

* These mats come in a coordinated backpack.