1. What exactly is a beach yoga mat? It’s a yoga mat made specifically for the sand. Ingeniously designed with underside corner pockets that get filled with sand to hold the mat down even on windy days.
2. What is the difference between the Kantha mat, Aari Embroidered mat and a Batik mat? The Kantha mats are hand crafted by the rural women in India using vintage fabrics. Our Kantha quilts are sourced in Bangladesh and Jaipur. They are an up cycled work of art and no two are the same. They are reversible and equally beautiful on both sides. By simply flipping the corner pockets yogis can practice on the side of their choice. The Aari mats are hand crafted by the elder men in the villages. They are all natural cotton with vegetable dyed threads. The fabrics are often embroidered with a story in honor of a beloved deity or sage. All pieces are unique. The Batik mats are also a handcrafted item. Originated in India, the art of batik has come a long way from a mere handicraft. The word batik actually means 'wax writing'. It is a way of decorating cloth by covering a part of it with a coat of wax and then dyeing the cloth. The waxed areas keep their original color and when the wax is removed the contrast between the dyed and undyed areas makes the pattern. The beauty of batik lies in its simplicity and the fact that one need not be an artist to achieve results. Some of the best effects in batik are often achieved by chance.  
3. How do you wash the mats? Wash on delicate in cold water and line dry out of direct sunlight. They can be placed in the dryer on low but should be removes and folded immediately. For a crispy look use an iron on a low setting. 
4. What is the lock for? When the mat is completely filled with sand it can weigh nearly 20 lbs. This will likely deter someone from taking it. You can place your personal items in the hidden zipper lock pocket and feel relatively safe to step away for a swim or take a walk down the beach. * Please note Batik mats do not have a locking system.
5. All mats come in a coordinating backpack for easy travel and storage.
6. Twisted Guru works with suppliers and manufacturers that certify fair wages and adhere to all environmental codes.
7. Why are our blankets special? All Twisted Guru blankets are handmade, light to medium weight quilts made from vintage fabrics by the rural women in India. They were generally made for a loved one for warmth, protection and comfort. It is believed that the artisan sews blessings and dreams into the fabric with every stitch. They are the perfect company for daydreaming and star gazing all year long. 
8. What is the difference between the Beach mat and blankets? The beach mat has the underside pockets and the blankets do not. Also the mat has a 4 inch color border and the blankets have a 1.5 inch cotton/linen border.
9. Can I use the blanket at the beach as a beach mat? Sure, but it will not stay in place like our mats.
10. Our pieces are not perfect or permanent. They are an up cycled work of art and may possess worn components, patches or perfectly aged inconsistencies all of which add to their unique charm.

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