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Color Pop

Color Pop

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Suzani vintage blankets are one-of-a-kind true works of art. They are known for their powerful colors, design and exceptional patterns. However, their true sense and purpose is their “herstory”.  Traditionally Suzani embroidery was connected to the belief that magic powers were embroidered into the blankets by mothers and grandmothers. Patterns and motives carried talismanic, protective and well-wishing embroidered messages. 

Each one is unique. The base cloth is a lightweight vintage Kantha quilt. Unique hand embroidered designs are then added, using the most amazing colors and stitch work. The embroidered pattern tells a story, offers a blessing or is an expression of the artisan vibe. They are soft and have a gorgeous heirloom feel, similar to wearing your favorite cashmere sweater. 

ZOOM in and admire the quality of the stitching and creative patterns.  

Product Details: 

  • 100% Vintage Cotton quilt with hand embroidery
  • Approximately 5’x7’ 
  • Dry Clean
  • The spontaneous color and patterns dazzle in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The blankets are up-cycled works of art and may possess slightly worn components, patches, or perfectly aged inconsistencies, all of which add to its unique ancient charm. 
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