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Twisted Guru beach mats provide a sand-free serenity space for your beach yoga practice. They are oversized (approximately 5'x7') and ingeniously designed with underside corner pockets that get filled with sand. The sand will hold the mat down during vigorous vinyasa even on a windy day.

This handcrafted batik beach yoga mat is made from natural cotton and vegetable dyes.The fabric is strong and soft with a tight weave so sand will not pop through. They come in their own convenient back pack for easy travel and storage.

The mat design is made by applying wax onto the natural cotton. The fabric is then placed into a bin with vegetable dye. Once the dye sets, the fabric is removed and the wax is boiled off. The fabric is then rinsed and dried. They will repeat this process if multiple colors are involved.

The mats will have similar designs based on the region they come from but each mat is individually made.